The 8th National and International e-Proceeding of Pathumthani University 2021

The 8th National and International e-Proceeding

The situation of the Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) which has caused an unexpected crisis in economic, social and lifestyle of the global population. This change is rapid and it is difficult to predict what will happen next. Therefore, in order to deal with the fluctuation of this new era of life, research is an important tool in solve it. Develop and disseminate new knowledge to make our way of life in line with changing times, live happily and to cope with the changes.

Pathumthani University and its academic network associates therefore organized The 8th National and International e-Proceeding of Pathumthani University 2021 on the theme of “Economics Social and Health Survival in New Normal Era” with the main objective to disseminate research results that will lead to the direction of educational development. Researching and encouraging the development of work to create new innovation. It also serves as a platform to encourage students, faculty, academics, researchers, as well as personnel involved in education to have the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge to lead to further development and strength of education.


  1. To create an academic platform to disseminate research and creative works at both national and international levels.
  2. To stimulate the development of work, to create innovation as well as develop knowledge and new innovations to meet the changing needs of the new normal era.
  3. To create networks of research and creative development between researchers from educational institutions, government agencies and private sectors, both national and international.


“Economics and Social Survival in New Normal Era”

We accepted the academic articles in the field of

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences and
  2. Science and Technology

The international article must be in English.

Outstanding Article Selection

The committee will select outstanding articles from 4 majors as follow 

  1. Outstanding oral presentation in Humanities and Social Sciences Program
  2. Outstanding oral presentation in Sciences and Technology Program
  3. Outstanding poster presentation in Humanities and Social Sciences Program
  4. Outstanding poster presentation in Sciences and Technology Program

Announcement of names and works that have been presented
Academic conferences and presentations of national and international Research 8th Annual 2021

  1. For presenters both oral and poster must make a payment before 31st March 2021.
  2. For participant who wish to receive a certificate must make a before 10th April 2021.
  3. The organizing committee will not refund any fee whatsoever and will publish the articles in the PTU e-Proceeding through https://conf.ptu.ac.th/en/ only
  4. In the event that the presenter wishes to cancel the presentation or not to present their work, a registration fee will not be refund and the request must be given in writing.


Payment method


Account number         : 70-1095565-7
Account Name            : Pathumthani University
SWIFT Code               : UBOBTHBK

Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

Account number         : 011-720678-9
Account Name            : Mrs. Chanakan Yuenyong
SWIFT Code               : BKKBTHBK

Information must be Submitted

  1. Application
  2. A Full Article
  3. A copy of the payment slip

Article Submission Chanel

What you will receive after registration


  1. Zoom link for Opening Remark
  2. Google Meet link for Group Presentation
  3. Online Certificate
  4. Online Article in PTU e-Proceeding


  1. Zoom link for Opening Remark
  2. Online certificate
PTU Thailand Virtual Online Conference