Paper Submission

Very Important Note

Paper Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your paper, please consider the following criteria: (a) the paper must be written in proper English; (b) the first section of the paper should include an introduction where the aim (including scope and research question) of the paper is well defined. The last paragraph of this section must include a short outline or roadmap of the various parts of the paper which includes the introduction as the first piece; (c) the second section of the paper should include an up-to-date literature review; (d) methodology and discussion of the findings/results or general arguments, etc. must follow; and (e) the final section of the paper should communicate clear conclusions. Papers not meeting these requirements will be desk rejected.

Preliminary agreement

  • Research article must be in included in those 10 pages limitations.
  • Set page layout, up 3.25 cm, bottom 2.54 cm, left 2.54 com and right 2.54 cm or use this Template in printing.
  • No page number or specified.
  • Use Times New Roman throughout the article
  • Symbol / represent one tapping space

Writing References

1. Writing references in content

Use the Insert reference in the content according to the APA guidelines: …/(Author,/ Year /:/page number)/…

2. Writing references in appendix

Writing in references an appendix, the classification is as follows.

  1. Book
    Author,/A./A.,/&/Author,/B./B./(Year)./Title of book./Publisher. 2. Journal Article Author,/A./A.,/Author,/B./B.,/&/Author/C./C./(Year)./“Title of article,”/Title of Journal./Vol. (No.):/
  2. Newspaper Article
    Author if named or Article title if no author. /(Year, /Month/Day)./Title of article if not given
    before/[useful descriptive information]./Title of Newspaper./p/pp.nn-nn.
  3. Doctoral Dissertations and Master’s Thesis or Research)
    Author,/A./A./(Year).//Title of dissertation/thesis./Doctoral dissertation/Master’s Thesis./University.
  4. Interview
  5. Internet or Website
    Author,/A./A./(Year)./Title of webpage./Retrieved./Month/Day/Year./Availablefrom source