Important Dates

January 10, 2020

Paper Submission & Payment Notification

January 24, 2020

Peer reviewer completed. Notification Acceptance

January 25, 2020

Final Paper Submission. Delivery of acceptance letter

January 31, 2020

Deadline for correction project


At least one author of each accepted paper must be registered for the conference for that paper to appear in the proceedings and be scheduled for presentation

  • 07.00 hrs.
    – Register and receive documents
  • 08.30 hrs.
    – Participants, Presenter and students at the ceremony
  • 09.30 hrs.
    – Chairman of the Ceremony, the President of the University Council ,
    – Rector and executives arrive at the ceremony area.
    – Performance from Pathumthani University student
    – Pathumthani University Video Presentation
  • 10.15 hrs.
    – Rector of Pathumthani University light incenses and candles
    – Vice Rector for Academic Affairs report the project
    – Rector of Pathumthani University awards
    – Certificate to the network committee
    – Certificate To the performance evaluation committee
    – Certificate to the project sponsors
    – Certificate for the outstanding research
    – Present souvenirs to the chairman of the ceremony
  • 10.30 hrs.
    – Chairman open ceremony and a keynote address
  • 11.45 hrs.
    – Opening ceremony for the exhibition of research, innovation and creative work , 2nd floor
  • 12.00 hrs.
    – Lunch Break
  • 13.00 hrs.
    – Presentation of oral project
    – Presentation room 1: International group
    – Presentation Room 2: Science and Technology 
    – Presentation room 3: Business Administration and Management 
    – Presentation room 4: Educational science 
    – Presentation room 5: Humanities and Social Sciences 
    – Certificate Awarding ceremony for presenters

Moderate research and Assessor Committee

  • Engineering  group
    Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pitisan  Drammart
  • Social Studies group
    Prof.D.Uraiwan Thanasthit
  • Sports Science group
    Assoc.Prof.Dr.Thaval Rerksngarn
  • Business Administration group
    Assoc.Prof.Dr.Pong Horadal
  • Education group
    Asst.Prof.Dr.Wisut Wichitpatcharaporn

Remarks: There maybe changes in the schedule deemed appropriate by the committee.